Greece (37 programs)



    1st Primary School Tirnavos

    Here are some presentetions of our students.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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    2nd Junior High School of Efkarpia-Greece ( A questionare about our country)


    2nd Junior High School of Efkarpia-Thessaloniki- Greece







    4th Primary School of Pefkis , Athens 

    2 classes ( 6th Grade ) are presenting  their school . Students are working in peers : 21 different presentations of our school are been uploaded to the collection below .

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    7th primary school of Ioannina

    Press the flag to be in the entrance of the 7th primary school of Ioannina, a city of Greece.
    With the arrows you can move the man on the corridors so as to arrive to basic rooms of the school(big coloured rectangles) and have a picture of them. You can change floor by touching the coloured steps(small coloured rectangles) that exist in each level.



    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

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