My planet, a drop in the Universe

We want pupils to develop understanding of simple astronomy concepts such as day and night formation, seasons, sunshine, ozone-depleting effects, light pollution and its effects, recognition of simple constellations in the sky, differentiation Natural satellites and artificial satellites. Another role of this project is the development of children&...

Project Journal

  • Thanks you all!


    - Posted by Diana Mioara Gheorghe, 26.10.2018

  • I am so happy! Thank you all!

    my planet copii.jpg

    my planet.jpg

    - Posted by Ana Grecu, 03.10.2018

  • Did anyone apply for QL? Did you get it?
    - Posted by Anna Szkarłat, 16.09.2018

  • The final product of our project, "My planet, a drop in the Universe":
    - Posted by Diana Mioara Gheorghe, 16.07.2018

  • Hi! Are you going to apply for Quality Label? I think you should as this was a really great project and it brought a lot of joy and knowledge to my students : ) Thank you so much for having me taking part in this project (even though I wasn't online here as much as I wish I was).
    - Posted by Anna Szkarłat, 23.06.2018