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Timeline of inventions and catastrophes during the XXth century

Project Journal

  • Though it is Saturday today - we are at school and we have finished our wallpaer to present the project to the pupils of our school and hope they will like our work

    - Posted by Nataliya Orlyk, 21.04.2018

  • Dissemination page: Exhibition on the school walls / Exposition sur les murs de l'école
    Print the timeline and make an exhibition for all the students of your school
    Imprimer les documents et afficher la frise chronologique pour tous les élèves de l'école

    dissemination table.jpg

    - Posted by VAYSSIE Eric, 19.04.2018

  • Dissemination of the project in Khust:

    - Posted by Nataliya Orlyk, 18.04.2018

  • Dissémination du projet au collège d' Ioannina, GRECE: on a affiché la frise chronologique dans les locaux de notre établissement, ce matin.

    - Posted by ELENI HARTZAVALOU, 16.04.2018

  • Our traditional Easter basket


    - Posted by Nataliya Orlyk, 10.04.2018