We aim in this project to arouse the students' interest to English by the help of surprising activities. Every one of the partners will send an unknown activity to use in English classes in a surprise box to another partner twice a year. Children learn better when they are motivated and curious. The most important point in our project is to e...


    Project Journal

    • Happy summer to all of you! I'm so glad that my team & I were a part of this interesting & nice project! You gave us a lot! Thanks! :)

      Nice certificates!.jpg

      - Posted by Reneta Raicheva, 24.06.2018

    • Here is my padlet recording most activities done in this project... If you want to write on it, do not hesitate...

      - Posted by Florence Ledru, 24.06.2018

    • Hi dear partners, at last i made the book <3
      i tried to make some changes but some of pdf can be changed, so i put them how you uploaded.please check your page and if you cant see yours,or if you wanna make some changes/document, please inform me..thanks :)
      - Posted by Cennet Ayaydın KASIKARA, 24.06.2018

    • Thank you "Surprising English"! Thank you dear Partners for this great project!!!

      Word Art (1).jpeg

      - Posted by Marina Molla, 21.06.2018

    • Hi dear friends, i wanna prepare a common e-book for our project.could you please add your document as a PDF to my padlet till 18th of June(monday) 😊 thank you 💓

      Padlet ile yapıldı

      - Posted by Cennet Ayaydın KASIKARA, 15.06.2018