Our students are interested in the learning.

    We get them involved in the learning.

    We ensure the learning is meaningful. 


    Robotics supports an innovative and creative approach to teaching and learning 

    Using robots is:

    • fun.
    • suitable for children with a range of abilities.
    • increases creativiy.
    • promotes inclusivity.


    WonderLand adapts FCL learning spaces based on
    project-based learning in some modules.

    Some Benefits of Adapting Learning Spaces of Future Classroom:

    Students can have more opportunities in lessons to collaborate and discuss ideas

    Students can take an active role in their learning. For example, a student may have several tasks to complete within a certain timeframe in various parts of the classroom.

    Students can make decisions about the order of activities and this helps them to become more autonomous.

    Teachers are able to group the students according to their individual needs.

    Teachers are able to explore different pedagogies as the school adopts a transparent approach to sharing ways of working.

    Teachers are able to encourage the students to move and participate in different tasks within the lesson.


    is Attractive
    supplies materials for Teacher Training & Student Learning.