About the project


    In September 2015, World leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Completion of these would end extreme poverty, inequality and reduce climate change by 2030.
    What are the Global Goals? What is Sustainable development? What can we do about it? Can we, little people, do something about this goals?
    Sure we can! We can learn about them... We can talk about them... Each of us can try to do some little thing - to save water and energy, not to waste the food, eat healthy and stay healthy, be aware of gender equality, keep the clean our envirement ...
    The Global Goals are only going to work if we fight for them and you can’t fight for your rights if you don’t know what they are. These goals are achievable if they are widely known. We can share awareness about this goals and spread the word... We can make some sparks and they can bring the light!
    We have the right to a better future! Let's learn what we can do about it!




    The main aim of the project is to learn about the Global Goals and to share awareness about them among the students, schools and communities in the cross curricular context.

    Students will develop the abilities to recognize and understand relationships; the abilities to collectively develop and implement innovative actions that further sustainability at the local level; the abilities to learn from others; to understand and respect the needs, perspectives and actions of others (empathy); to understand, relate to and be sensitive to others; the ability to reflect on one’s own role in the local community and (global) society; to continually evaluate and further motivate one’s actions; the ability to apply different problem-solving frameworks to complex sustainability problems and develop inclusive and equitable solution options that promote sustainable development. Students will improve also their English, Maths and ICT skills, as well as their communication and presentation skills.




    Initially we will learn about SDGs. Each school will research and prepare infographic/poster/strip/presentation/... about some SDG and we can make a common result with all goals in one place. We can do the video conferences starting with Mystery Skype and after that schools can represent their goals to each other. We will make the Logo contest and common dictionary with goals in all project languages. We will find our country and make Infographic about our SDG index and present the results. We will choose the most interesting Global goals and students will work collaboratively on solutions and presenting results within the Art, Literature, STEM and all other subjects...

    Let's make campaign with posters and videos to inform and promote action about the Global Goals in our schools, communities and Social media!

    We will collaborate with each other in every step of this process in order to achieve greater impact in our students lives and the better future of the world and humanity.




    All the results will be in the Twinspace, and also at the Website of the project. We want to share our work and results within our schools, communities, countries and the whole world, so we will use the Social networks.
    Social media will be a tool to facilitate sharing our work and supporting collaborative practices and therefore a Facebook page will be created to share work and to feedback and support evaluating our outcomes. On Twitter, we will use hashtags for the project #eTwinningSparks, but also #GlobalGoals and #TeachSDGs.

    We really want to make not just a local, but global impact as well and make some difference! We intend to disseminate awareness of the goals to as wide an audience as possible so as many people as possible can actively work towards these goals and even try to find some solutions.