The haunted house

The children will enter the first room of the "haunted" house. There, they will face riddles connected to the various objects of the room. They'll have to solve them to unlock the next room until they reach the last room, where they will find the magic filter that will drive the ghosts out of the "haunted" house.

Project Journal

  • European Quality Label! Merci Linda! Merci chers partenaires!

    europeo haunted.jpg

    - Posted by Lucia Damato, 23.10.2018

  • Quality Label pour ce merveilleux projet! Thank you Linda!


    - Posted by Lucia Damato, 09.10.2018

  • Thank you for this project. I enjoyed it so much!!


    - Posted by LINDA ALEXOPOULOU, 24.09.2018

  • Dear Linda and all beloved colleagues from Naupaktos, thank you for leading us through a wonderfull work...


    - Posted by ΔΗΜΗΤΡΑ ΠΡΟΒΕΛΕΓΓΙΟΥ, 23.09.2018

  • You are all invited to our haunted house party!

    My Invitation.jpg

    - Posted by LINDA ALEXOPOULOU, 09.06.2018