Project schedule


    Schedule of  "Welcome to our feasts world" project


    Dear partners,
    Project timing is a guide for better implementation. It is not absolute and sometimes we can dodge it

    1. September, October: 

    • Students present themselves, their schools, their cities and their countries.
    • They use also forum to present themselves and knowing each other.

    2. November:

    • A contest for Project logo.
    • Sending greeting cards.
    3. December: 
    • Live event.

    4. January

    • Brainstorming about celebrations of each country. 

    5. February-March-April:

    • Presentation of each country celebrations using 2.0 web tools.
    • Creating a collaborative song about celebrations.
    • Creating a collaborative story about celebrations.
    • Discussions in the forum "celebrations around our countries"
    • Creating games.
    • Comparison and finding similarities about celebrations.

    6. May:

    • Presenting works and the Final product (e-book).
    • Last live event  and evaluation (Teachers & students).