Look around!

Motto: Whoever watching good sees a lot. Whoever has a camera in his hand, can capture everything.

Project Journal

  • We are so happy!!!! Our Quality Label has just arrived!! :-))

    Look Around QL (6).jpg

    - Posted by Anastasia Spagnuolo, 05.10.2018

  • The BEST of Look around Calendar: Calendar


    - Posted by Hana Pilarova, 23.06.2018

  • Look around dictionary
    - Posted by Hana Pilarova, 23.06.2018

  • Our project is over :-(( Thank you Hana and all partners for this great project! My students enjoyed sharing their photos and videos
    I wish you all happy summer holidays!


    - Posted by Anastasia Spagnuolo, 13.06.2018

  • Vytvořeno pomocí služby Padlet

    - Posted by Hana Pilarova, 28.05.2018