LeAF - Learning about forest

Forests provide us many thing, we are obliged to know their importance, to value them to the true value, to preserve them. Formation of consciousness and ecologically responsible behaviour are the goals of education for environmental respect that begins in the family, kindergarten and school. The interest and love for nature is educated through ...


    Project Journal

    • Children made two different Forest model. One with carboard and the other one with trees made of wool and Foamy.

      Maqueta bosque con cartulina.jpg

      Maqueta bosque.jpg

      - Posted by Celeste Morales , 22.04.2018

    • From Spain - Math task for group C

      Spain. Math tasks for group C.pdf

      - Posted by Celeste Morales , 21.04.2018

    • We made birds toys:

      - Posted by Aurelia Beruşcă, 17.04.2018

    • Hi, here you are the Math Tasks for Group A

      Math problems.pdf

      - Posted by Aurelia Beruşcă, 17.04.2018

    • We prepared two problems fo group B

      math problems.pdf

      - Posted by Donatella Ravera, 17.04.2018