LeAF - Learning about forest

Forests provide us many thing, we are obliged to know their importance, to value them to the true value, to preserve them. Formation of consciousness and ecologically responsible behaviour are the goals of education for environmental respect that begins in the family, kindergarten and school. Games, music, motion, creations are just some of the pro...


    Project Journal

    • Greetings from Ukraine! This e-book with proverbs about trees and forests is dedicated to all the members of our project.

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      - Posted by Svitlana Lenarska, 17.07.2018

    • Our educational visits during "LEAF" program

      - Posted by Vasso Tsoukalou, 07.07.2018

    • Our e-Book is ready. It was difficult to put in all our pictures, but I have selected the most representative pictures of each school. I hope you like it! You can see it on the Collaborative Board page.
      - Posted by Aurelia Beruşcă, 07.07.2018

    • Hi,
      In a Collaborative Board page you'll see our common Acrostic Poems book. Thank you for your wonderful work!
      - Posted by Aurelia Beruşcă, 04.07.2018

    • The 4th graders of Cherkasy Collegium “Berehynia”, Ukraine, enjoyed this project and were happy to take part in most activities. They developed their language skills, they observed, compared, did experiments and small research, made crafts, expressed themselves creatively, went on excursions and met with specialists. Due to the project they enriched their knowledge and their experience about the forest and its life, realized its usefulness and learned about the danger that threatens the forest and its ecosystem.
      It was a great project with excellent cooperation between partners and schools. Thanks a lot to all project partners! It was a pleasure for us to work with you!

      collage - LeAF.jpg

      - Posted by Svitlana Lenarska, 03.07.2018