• October

    Partners introduce themselves on a Padlet (name, name of the school, town, country).

    Partners start sharing information about their schools. I suggest  that we could create a Page for each school: on its Page the school can write the information which wants to share with partners.

    It can also upload photos in Images, videos and Power Point Presentations on our Journal.

    What would we like to know about schools? Details about the building, school year, lessons, subjects, students, marks, uniforms, holidays.... and anything else you like.

    Most important, ask your children what they would  like to know about schools of other countries  and we will satisfy their curiosity.


    November- December

    Logo Contest: partners suggest a logo for the project and  vote their favourite.

    Now  schools prepare to make a short video on a typical school day: you can decide what is important and nice to show, choosing short moments of your school routine. Children can say some words in English and in their language.

    When the video is ready you can share it with partners on Videos.

    Finally we upload all the videos on an interactive map of Europe and it will be lovely to see and compare our different way of living a school day.