European Day of Languages 2017

Fêtons ensemble la Journée européenne des langues ! Celebrate the European Day of Languages with us! ¡Celebra con nosotros el Día Europeo de las Lenguas! Feiern Sie den Europäischen Tag der Sprachen mit uns! 26.09. 2017

Project Journal

  • We are preparing for you interesting information about our country, city, traditions.
    The material was submitted as newspaper articles

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    - Posted by Natalia Grushko, 16.11.2017

  • Hi there,
    Lucky you. How did you get the money to travel? Is there anyway we can get our students go and visit another school that is participating in this project?
    By the way, we wanted to let our school community know what we've been doing in this project. So a few weeks ago we published an article about the project in our website
    - Posted by Izaskun Insausti, 14.11.2017

  • Vacations are a great time. Particularly autumn when the nature enchants its colors. And this is especially striking when you travel. Therefore, for this period, we planned for a trip by such countries as Poland, Germany, France. Visited cities such as Leipzig, Dresden, Cracow, Paris. Study of language, history, culture, technology.
    Vacations are a great time - Dresden.
    Vacations are a great time - Krakow
    Vacations are a great time - Paris
    Vacations are a great time - Poland
    Vacations are a great time - Leipzig
    Vacations are a great time - Dresden Art Gallery - Hall of Physics and Mathematics
    Vacations are a great time - Dresden Art Gallery - Hall of Porcelain





    - Posted by Natalia Grushko, 12.11.2017

  • Muchísimas gracias a todos por las postales. Un saludo des de Confolens. Francia.
    - Posted by valentina castillo muñoz, 05.11.2017

  • Autumn - it's great time. Photos and sayings about autumn

    Сделано на Padlet

    - Posted by Natalia Grushko, 29.10.2017