European Day of Languages 2017

Fêtons ensemble la Journée européenne des langues ! Celebrate the European Day of Languages with us! ¡Celebra con nosotros el Día Europeo de las Lenguas! Feiern Sie den Europäischen Tag der Sprachen mit uns! 26.09. 2017

Project Journal

  • Dear Friends, I had my Quality Label today. Thank you very much. You were great mates :-)

    quality label 2018.jpg

    - Posted by Maria Cristina Tofoni, 05.10.2018

  • I am very happy. Great news. Thanks to our partner friends and our wonderful students and of course our beloved eTwinning


    - Posted by Natalia Grushko, 03.09.2018

  • Our award


    - Posted by Iryna Hlopchyshyna, 29.06.2018

  • Best wishes to all who are in exams!!!!


    - Posted by Anita Hoehle, 17.05.2018

  • We are writing about our city
    My native town is called Zalishchyky. It is not big, but it is very beautiful and green. I like the place where I live. There are a lot of small houses here with big gardens behind them.
    There is a nice orchard around my house. In spring and in summer there are a lot of beautiful flowers there. I live in a very picturesque place.
    Every morning you get up and breathe in fresh air full of various scents which depend on a season: in summer it is a smell of fresh grass and flowers, in winter it is a smell of frost and snow which covers every­thing with its white thick duvet.
    My native town beco­mes especially beautiful in early spring when there is a great number of rose-shrubs in flower-beds and everything is in blossom
    This time I like to tramp down the streets lined whith chesnuts, mountain-ashes and limes.
    There is a big park in our town. I like to walk there with my friends. Our town is quiet, because there is not much traffic in the streets.
    I like my native town very much.




    - Posted by Natalia Grushko, 09.05.2018