Discovering European countries with children eyes.

The children will look for information about the place where they live (a city or a village, famous places or places of interests, mountains, rivers,...), some regional or local traditions, maybe some easy words of their mother tongue, their habits...... Pupils and teachers will have to produce posters, slideshows or videos All the presenta...

Project Journal

  • Dear Friends,
    here you can read our 21 (because we are 21 students) favourite words in Italian and in English. Among these 21 words we add the word "eTwinning", which is very important for us because it gives us the possibility to meet new friends and to know their Countries.

    Word Art 1.png

    - Posted by Miriam Rosa Civati, 25.04.2018

  • Dear Friends,
    Happy Easter to you all with an Italian poem "Pasqua" written by D. Rebucci.
    Bye, bye!

    - Posted by Miriam Rosa Civati, 22.04.2018


    - Posted by Heb Ildiko, 19.04.2018

  • Peace: Religious harmony in Albania


    - Posted by Voltisa Qirici, 09.04.2018

  • Happy Easter !


    - Posted by Voltisa Qirici, 05.04.2018