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  • Some ideas from competition "Students experiment"


    - Posted by Gunita Pugeja, 15.04.2018

  • Our experiments on blog:

    - Posted by Gunita Pugeja, 04.01.2018

  • Hello, everyone!
    Actually it took a lot of time for my 10-11 years old students themselves to choose experiments, to translate them in English and to put all together into presentation. So now some their materials are in our page and blog. One more thing - students like using different social profiles but they didn't want to be on photos of experiments ( we have parents ' permissions too, but during work I usually hear - please, don't take my photo :)!).
    - Posted by Gunita Pugeja, 29.12.2017

  • Warm greetings from UKRAINE!!! We are ready for action. This is our Welcome Stage video. Hope you will like it!!!! Hugs!!!

    - Posted by SERHII MUSIIENKO, 06.11.2017

  • The science of heart.
    The great experience for student to know how the blood circulate through the human body and how is it build. This was the part one of this lesson :)

    20171031_083748 (1024x576).jpg

    20171031_083822 (1024x576).jpg

    20171031_084043 (1024x576).jpg

    20171031_084321 (576x1024).jpg

    IMG_7202 (1500x1000) (1024x683).jpg

    - Posted by Artur Baranowski, 01.11.2017