Let's Create a Book! Nuestro Libro

The children will create stories collaboratively in small groups with the Spanish/ Irish pupils using the Book Creator App.

Project Journal

  • Prospero Año! Happy New Year!
    The picture for our first exciting story of 2018: Zipwire

    Photo courtesy of Rex Feature, Bored Panda

    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 15.01.2018

  • MUCHAS GRACIAS - MANY THANKS for the colourful Christmas cards!




    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 12.01.2018

  • Happy New Year from Roscommon and the nearby town of Athlone; which is on the River Shannon!

    Source:Amy Coffey

    Source: Amy Coffey

    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 04.01.2018

  • Y para el Año Nuevo 2018…
    …inmensas dosis de sentido común,
    un poquitín de Sabiduría y
    mucha energía
    para poder cultivar
    nuestro Jardín interior,
    y desde allí,
    poder emanar al Mundo
    una aportación luminosa, pacífica,
    útil y llena de generosidad.

    Christmas tree

    - Posted by JAVIER VELA CABELLO, 20.12.2017

  • We're getting our holidays on the 22 December!


    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 17.12.2017