Let's Create a Book!

The children will create stories collaboratively in small groups with the Spanish/ Irish pupils using the Book Creator App.

Project Journal

  • Children from our school dressed up as their favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day 2018..............Ancient Irish warrior heroes and Harry Potter stars!!



    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 08.03.2018

  • Gracias; it was icy in Ireland!

    Pic Amy C.jpg

    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 06.03.2018

  • Wow! lots of snow over there! We had no school for 2 days because of the snow! Sneachta is snow in Irish................what is it in Spanish?


    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 05.03.2018

  • A snowy day at Benasque´s school...

    - Posted by JAVIER VELA CABELLO, 05.03.2018

  • Working together on the story...


    - Posted by Amy Ní Chofaigh, 23.02.2018