M1 - TPM Holland



    Our first transnational meeting took place in Holland, Leiden, from 9th to 14th October 201,  where the coordinating school is located. It was quite a relevant meeting since many important decisions had to be taken and all the work to be done throughout the two years of the project thoroughly planned. Apart from that, it was also a very special meeting because it was the first time we met each other face to face; therefore we’ll cherish all the moments we spent together. Hopefully, these videos will manage to portray some of those moments.

    It will have the following objectives:

    a) to get to know each other better in order to make the cooperation more successful and efficient;

    b) to set up the working schedule;

    c) to create the logo of the project;

    d) identify the basic principles, methods and strategies for developing the action plan in order to address all workshops and activities in the next 4 months;

    e) to strengthen the commitment of all partner schools;

    f)  to share experiences, challenges and technical knowledge on how to better address all the planned activities and actions;

    g) to discuss the evaluation and dissemination of key activities;

    h) to plan the students exchange in Slovakia in November 2017, in Latvia in May 2018 and in UK in March 2019;

    i) to discuss future agreements related to short-term student exchanges.


    The main themes of the 1st Transnational Meeting of the project will be:

    a) Implementing the activities plan;

    b) The roles and tasks of each schools in this partnership;

    c) Budget issues;

    d) Monitoring progress.