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    We present the results of our efforts through the created and shared by

    the  participating students and their Teachers, twinspace pages open to public.

    Exchanged by post Christmas wishes and presents!!!

    Our skype contacts in fotos,thanks to the great help of the computer teacher Jeni Vlaxou!

    And contacts using the safe twin space platform for chat and mails exchanging!

    We exchanged wishes, our creations and paintings, ideas and materials by post many times!!!

    Students evaluation!


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    Blog for our project presentations


    Presentation of Exhibitions, open to public,  organized by the Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou and the class Teacher Ioanna Bekri, that took place in the 13 th Pr.  School in Athens and also Esperanza Caro  with  Marta Espejo and also  Ana Maria Garvia de Nuevo  and  Nuria Gonzalo Vegas  that presented the students' creations in their  Schools  San José and Divina Pastora in Spain.

    Participation of the students with their creations in the Exhibition "Child and play"  organized from the 5th Primary School of Dafnis in "Bouzianis Museum" and the School Director Nikos Efstathiou. The pupils from Greece presented their creations: "Child and play in ancient Greece", made under the supervision of  Theodora Chandrinou and  she was also responsable for the contact between the partners from Spain and Greece.


    We also invited teachers, students and their parents to evaluate the project.

    Here are the evaluation questionnaires:

    Thank you very much all for the perfect collaboration!!!