• Liceo 'Daniele Crespi', by Stefano Gucci

    The secondary school “Liceo D. Crespi” is one of the most important schools in the province of Varese. It is situated in Busto Arsizio, a big town in the North of Italy. In this school you can choose between three different specializations: Greek and Latin, foreign languages and human sciences. About 1300 students attend this school, which is famous for the very good education it provides.

    The position of the school is excellent, because it’s in the town centre and near the railway station, so that the students from other towns can reach the school in a short time and they can easily find somwhere to eat and get to know each other.

    The school building is wide and hosts the most of the classes, the other ones are in the annexe,  which is near the main edifice. There are two gyms, a big lecture hall, a science laboratory, a language classroom, a computer room and a library.

    The school staff, the teachers and the headmaster are very kind and friendly.

    Every year the school organizes school trips, educational visits and holidays for each class. For example, the students who study Spanish can go to Salamanca to improve their knowledge and their language skills, the ones who study English can go to Brighton and so on. These initiatives are very useful for learning the languages, the cultures and the subjects studied at school.

    Moreover, there are initiatives organized in the school building, for instance the “Spirit week”, six days in which every student can dress up according to a theme, which changes every day. There are sports tournaments, in which teams compete in basketball, football or volleyball.

    Last of all, once a month the school representatives organize an assembly: all the students meet in a theatre or in the lecture hall to listen to experiences, take part in interactive meetings or watch a film and discuss its topic.