The plan of the project

  • The project lasts for 2 months from April to May. The plan involves 4 main topics:

    1 NICE TO MEET YOU AGAIN (1st April -15th April)

    making an introduction video (or videos) of your group. It would be nice to add what you like about spring ;)

    NB! Make a multilingual video: use your mother tongue and English in it

    2 SPRING RECIPES (16th April- 30th April)

    introducing recipes of popular spring (Easter) foods in your country

    NB! up to five different but simple recipes together in an e-book made by Cliptomize

    3 SPRING IN OUR EYES (1st May-15th May)

    making a photo gallery of photos about spring in your country

    NB! Use your cameras or mobile phones to take photos

    LET`S PLAY!   (16th May- 31st May)

    recording a video of a popular or interesting outdoor activity in your class

    NB! giving the instructions in English is important


    Each task must be attached to the special Padlet wall on our TwinSpace page. During the project students are asked to find and share information about spring celebrations in their country.

    Finally giving some feedback.

    The activities will be done with different ICT tools.