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Etwinning-craft in working with solutions for natural resources and energy solutions for the future A problembased developing etwinning project between 8th grades in Finland and Denmark

Project Journal

  • End of project

    For me it has been really great working with the two of you – and I would never hesitate to do it again in another project :-) 

    - Posted by Tine Jespersen, 29.04.2017

  • Last session
    Finnish pupils show their presentations

    Peter has agreed on opening the session in adobe connect an adobe connect for us so the Finnish​pupils could show their presentations. Tuija has sent the slides beforehand to Peter and they had tested. Unfortunately my colleges had booked a test (national test) for the pupils at the same time so we were late. There were a few problems before everything worked. I think the Finnish pupils had done a great project with Tuija but we could not hear them clearly so we missed most of what they said in connection to their slides.

    About the session.
    I think abobe connect is brilliant for a few people on the microphone – speaking - at the time and also for presenting. But as many other tools I does influence on the sound if there are many pupils in the classroom with the microphone online. We could see the presentations – very well done – great job  Please tell your pupils, Tuija. We could hear them speak but not catch clearly what was said. Sound was easily heard, when the pupils were gone – no problem in hearing and understanding you Tuija and Peter – so I think it depends on many pupils in the microphone online class.

    It was great seeing your class, Tuija – loved their waving to us – and I realized I had forgotten to turn on our camera….. I turned it off again at last because my pupils began walking for their hot meals – and I would not show your pupils.

    Peter told me afterwards the bad sound had something to do with the way the microphones were turned on in Finland.

    We all agreed on closing down the project now - and make an assessment with own pupils in class.

    I would start writing our assessment to the NNS and Tuija and Peter will add to the text, too. The paper for the NNS will be handed in end during week 18 or 19.
    - Posted by Tine Jespersen, 29.04.2017

  • Shared mindmaps

    We checked the shared mindmaps in twinspace and think it will work.

    We talked earlier about ‘open ended driving questions’ for the groups and you suggested we made them. I think it is a good idea to put our ‘open end question’ in the middle of the mindmap for each group for tomorrow morning. (both because of time and also I doubt my pupils have ever tried to make these questions by themselves before)

    Tuija made the open ended questions for the groups and put them into the mindmaps. She also made a slide show for the pupils. 'It's just for to open the idea for the students. I do it before we start to collaborate tomorrow.

    The slides were shown and the pupils began mindmapping.

    ​7. april 08:34
    Hi Tuija - problems in group 5? Your pupils have deleeted everything - but I think they strated again?
    TuijaOoh, they said that your pupils have deleted everything
    ok - lets keep an eye on the group:-)
    Group 3 is also a problem - a bit the same
    Think group 5 is ok nowTuija
    Yes I think they had problems with mindmaister. We have to end now..
    TuijaMy pupils said that sometimes all disappeared from mindmaister when they were writing (group 3 and 5).
    I saw it too - teachnical problems . Some groups couldn't upload photos ( upgrade...). Otherwise all went well
    Problems with deleting -may be because we are not used to the program. I asked my pupils to update the log, too - and it was great to see some of your groups had done so as well. Some of the groups did really good.

    - Posted by Tine Jespersen, 29.04.2017

  • Online meeting 3

    Teachertalk before: 19. marts 18:49 What time are you online monday the 3rd? Shall we let them work with an open question then? May be the could prepare some suggestions to discuss beforehand so they have something to talk about and decide upon??? - or what do you think?19. marts 19:53Yes, we'll meet online Mon 3th, 11.30- 12.30 CET. We should have some frames or suggestions beforehand to have them something to talk about first. Then to solve the problem together. Should we write some suggestions to our first shared Giogle Docs?20. marts 13:46What is CET? What time in Finland - if it is Danish time I have some problems. They eat from 12-12.30 in the kanteen, and many of the pupils get hot meals there. If it is Finins time - no problem here. best time fio me is 11.15 - 12.00 because I am not atending lesson at that time - and therefore can join the classes 8 in biology.I talked to the other teachers doing the subject in science - they say next week the groups are going to define problems and go for ideas of broblemsolving. may be these ideas can be shared with your pupils and then together they kcan discuss and develop and make a plan. The 2 classes 8 here are working problemsolving full time in all their science lessons. Are you planning the same - or ? But I would love an online mindmap for them to share - can you share your mindmaps om ipads with us? I think we could organize an ipad for each group.20. marts 22:40CET =Central European Time, your time in Denmark . Oohh, pity . My only lessons take place from 12.15-13.45 in Finnish time (one hour less in Denmark). What to do? I maybe can ask their mothertong teacher if they can use their lessons once or twice for this? This class have mothertong Thu 12.45-13.45 and Fri 8.15-9.45 in Finnish time.

    I like also the idea of mindmapping together . I try to organize this. I try first and let you know then.21. marts 15:29Monday 3rd from 11.15 - 12.00 CET- would that be ok? Friday mornings from 8.00 - 8.45 CET will also be perfect. 22. marts 22:35

    I tried the adobe connect with Peter to see if it worked perfectly. It did!

    Online meeting with the pupils - we had some problems - pupils in Finland didn't have time to be online because Tuija had asked them to translate their pesentations into English at the same time.

    Teachertalk during session: 27. marts 11:45Your pupils dont want to be online - they are busy translating....I gave order to be online I put a log for each group. My pupils started it earlier today in my English lesson. I promished we would do it - but your pupils are welcome to join if they like. we use a google doc because you said you use gogle docs

    So the pupils came round and finished the logos and groupnames and told each other what they had been doing in their environment projects at school.

    I have earlier had this class work in for a learning diary - but they kept forgetting codes and doing things wrong and it took so much time so i decieded on something easier here. both Danish and Finish classes are used to working in google drev so Tuija and I already decieded in Copenhagen to do most things using known google.

    So my 8. grade set up dairies in to be shared in twinspace. And my college helped me find a google app for sharing mindmapping, too :-)

    So next time we will try out the mindmapping...



    - Posted by Tine Jespersen, 26.04.2017

  • A project based project on learning how pupils will solve tasks together in far distance teams online.

    Before starting up pupils.

    Teachers deciede on age-group, theme, task and make a timetable. They also make the twinspace ready for the pupils.

    We chose grades 8 - three classes - Theme natural ressources - how do we use it best. Problembased teamwork in 6 Groups 'cross nationality teams'.

    Starter before theme task: Introduce themselves in Groups, agree on groupname and make a teamlogo.

    First online meeting

    10.3 Friday morning

    All Danish pupils were online at 8 o'clock and a few Finnish pupils. Pupils had fun - but were also bored because they missed their team members.

    Had the teachers missunderstood something about being online at the same time?
    What do we do?

    Tuija and I used facebook to communicate - better than mail - you se immediately when the partner has seen or responded.

    I was so busy to get all students on TwinSpace on that time. I've invited them beforehand but 50 % had problems with logging in. You did this before Fri because I saw them logged in. I had so much on that time because I haven't seen my students for three weeks (winter holiday, Copenhagen).
    Is it possible for you to have this chat next Fri, 17th March 8 o'clock (CET)?

    The one group was spamming and had bad language. Tuija and I decieded to make them solve the problem by themselves by pointing out they had 2 problems.

    Second on line meeting

    All groups were online but one. They succeed in making groupnames and logos for groups, too. Some worked in the padlets on twinspace, one group used skype and one group used messenger. They found logos on the internet and some groups found a free tool logocreater and created their groupname into the logo. Everybody had fun and loved it but the one group, that didn't find their partners.

    After the session the pupils wrote in their group dairy.

    Teachertalk afterwards:
    17. marts 08:59Very good session today Only group 5 was a bit sad because there was no communication.17. marts 12:20Yes indeed . There was problems in Padlet of group 5. We couldn't put photos nor messages trough it . Four pupils of mine tried it with different iPads, CromeBooks and iPhones. That was the reason for that.19. marts 15:05So sorry for your pupils - can you post a note? My pupils did it so I don't know what happened. About tomorrow monday - All classes 8 are away from school monday, tuesday, wwednesday and thursday bacause of visiting different schools for their futher education. When is our next meeting?19. marts 16:51Now I could post a note but not on Fri morning. My girls posted many notes with or without me on Fri. These notes were not there and the girls were disappointed.





    - Posted by Tine Jespersen, 26.04.2017