Our Mobility to LEEUWARDEN

  • Hi my friends,

    I want to tell you about our great experience in LEEUWARDEN . I have participated to other European projects in the past but this time I was really impressed :

    -the Dutch colleagues were really great in organising the activities: I really appreciated their work since I know how difficult is to put together different types of activities without making students get bored but at the same time match the project objectives.

     -My students really liked everything concerning this experience BUT we have felt great  graditude  towards hosting families ,they were so friendly so willing to take care of our students much more than if they were their real sons and daughters, however WHAT  I will never forget ,what it will remain in my memory for ever it will be their emotion when we were at the train station ready to go back to Italy! They were so tender and affectionate in a way that it was absolutly unexpected to us,since- we mediterranean people -have always considered people from the north of Europe a little bit more reserved compared to us HOWEVER we had to change our minds with these mums and dads who had their eyes bright with tears ,it was for us so  surprising and envolving !

    Such kind of emotions makes us understand how important are these kind of activities for both  students and teachers!