Small Scientists 'discovering the earth'

Today's little students have a well-developed imagination that should be used in order to become future scientists. We want to learn how experiments are done in different cultures and what are our greatest sources in teaching experimental work. We also want to share our methods and findings with the children. At the end of this project we want...

Project Journal

  • We received European Quality Label!!!!


    - Posted by Natalja Varkki, 06.11.2018

  • At the annual National Contest 2018 in Estonia our project won Third-place!

    3 place.jpeg

    - Posted by Natalja Varkki, 20.07.2018

  • Poland/ news


    - Posted by Hanna Jary, 20.06.2018

  • QL- Estonia

    знак качества детей.jpg

    знак качества мой.jpg

    - Posted by Natalja Varkki, 17.06.2018

  • EQL - Croatia


    - Posted by Martina Ceković, 16.11.2017