First meeting

  • We met on Wednesday ( 10th of December 2014) with a plan to meet on Skype with our project members but some problems occured and the meeting wasn't successful. That wasn't the problem for us, because we had many things to discuss and plan.

    First we practiced reading of our texts presenting our country (Poland) and our school and region. Then we talked about the places we will present on our calendar and map. We had an interesting discussion about the places because Poland is big and beautfiul and it is hard to choose only twelve places worth recommending :)


    Here are the texts our students prepared for the first Skype meeting still to come :)


    Our school is seventy six years old. It's located in Ostrówek near Warsaw. In our school there are 431 students- it's quite a big school. We even have a kindergarden! The subjects we study are English, Polish, science, maths, art, PE, music and some more.


    Our country is quite big and very beautiful. In Poland there are many interesting, pretty and historical places. We have mountains, sea, rivers, lakes and forests. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is the biggest city in Poland. The population of Poland is 38,5 million. We have seven neighbouring countries.