Welcome to our project!

  • We are from Institut Joan Solà (Torrefarrera, Spain) and Zespół Szkół w Głogowie Małopolskim (Poland), and we want to share a project that will allow us to know eachother's culture!

    Our schools worked together in a previous eTwinning project (Euroschool TV), and we thought that an students exchange would improve their knowledge and respect to other European culture.

    The mobilities are planned in order to allow contact of visitors to local culture and traditions and give them a chance to understand better a probably different way of living. The intense activity in the few days of the mobility, as well as the evaluation by students, will be edited in this website.

    Mobility to Torrefarrera: from 18th to 22nd of February. Webpages numbered "A"

    Mobility to Głogow Małopolski: from 14th to 18th of May. Webpages numbered "B"

    Camera from Krakow

    A nice view in Barcelona: Relaxing!!


    You can have a look at some views of Rzeszow

    Càmera web Rzeszów: Dworzec - Europa, Polònia, RzeszówRzeszów

    Càmera web Rzeszów: Rynek w Rzeszowie - Europa, Polònia, RzeszówRzeszów

    Càmera web Rzeszów: Zapora - Europa, Polònia, RzeszówRzeszów


    Cameras from Lleida:

    Segre River


    Rambla Ferran St.




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