Safe Internet Day - February 2020

  • Safe Internet Day - February 2020

    Products of SIFA 2014-2016

    A group of 16-year-olds were informed about the work done by their peers participating in Erasmus+ „Safe Internet For All” project run in the years 2014-2016 through the cooperation of five countries: Greece (coordinating school), Norway, Sweden, Austria and Poland. They were also made familiar with the created products and results of the surveys on Internet addiction, health matters, security, ethical issues connected with the use of the Internet and safety (

    Safety on the Internet

    The topics that were discussed on Safe Internet Day included mainly the issues of safety on the Internet: cyberbullying, cyberstalking, flaming, harassment, phishing, sexting, impersonation, charming, malware, grooming, masquerading, propane movement, trolling, outing, trickery, exclusion and others. The students were asked to identify the problems, do research and work out solutions on how to avoid them.

    Cyberbullying, Hate and Stalking

    As part of Safe Internet Day events held in L.O. Grojec, four Year One students have given an excellent presentation to their peers on the following issues: Cyberbullying, Hate and Stalking.

    Well done! Rich contents, educational values, thoughtful follow-up discussion and good feedback. All of this enriched by personal experiences shared by the students themselves.

    University of Žilina

    4th February 2020 we visited Žilinská Univerzita, their students show us modern technical and internet settings. They made lots of brilliant presentations and interesting activities like VR. They told us about safety on the internet and they explained how it works. We enjoyed it and learned new skils on the internet.
    1.B class team

    Survey on Safe Internet

    One of the activities at our grammar school (Gymnázium Hlinská in Žilina, Slovakia) on the occasion of SAFER INTERNET DAY (Tuesday 11th February 2020) was a survey on the topic of the safe internet. We asked our students and colleagues what three words came to their minds when they thought of the phrase “the safe internet”. We used a tool called Mentimeter to collect the answers from 141 students and teachers of our schools. We can see that although the most prevailing answers were “antivirus, password and privacy”, there was still a huge number of other varied responses. The results therefore show us that the topic is very extensive and deserves a lot of attention and educational activities focused on it. We look forward to further activities.

  • Do you think cyberbullying, hate and stalking are common problems that need to be dealt with?
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