7.Poland meeting 2019- Wishes for the future school and “perfect teacher”

  • This meeting was focusing on the "Teachers" topic as the school can't really exist without them. We compared the student's ideas on what the "perfect teacher" is or should be. we looked into the problems teachers are experiencing at their schools and also which aspects of their work can be perceived as rewarding. We also took a closer look at the process of preparing future teachers to that profession (Workshop at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków) and what steps of career they have to take (meeting with City Council memebrs and the representatives of Board of Education). 

    Among the workshops we had the opportunity to work on:

    - socratic seminar

    -empathic- role-playing

    -Stop-Motion videos

    - European Youth parliment- discussion cirlces

    -Montessori Method workshop