Take a chance

The project "Take a chance"meets the needs of our schools according to data from PISA, Polish youth takes place in the top ten, or close to the ten EU countries: 5 in reading, 7 in science and 11 in maths. The Students from Greece, Portugal received lower scores. However, all the students in our schools have problems with basic skills such as reading comprehension and basic knowledge of mathematics. In reading comprehension the results are as follows: Polish school: 3.5 Greek school: 3 Portuguese school: 2,9 In the field of maths The Polish school: 3.2 Greek school: 3 Portuguese school: 3 According to a lack of reading comprehension skills the students in mathematics have some difficulties in understanding simple commands, solving text tasks and their analysis. Another problem is the multiplication table, calculating fractions, percentages, conversion of units, scale, geometry.

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