Happy Easter!

4-11 years old students from different countries are invited to make a short video about Easter Greetings. They introduce themselves in the contact language (English) and then make an Easter Greeting in English and in their native language. The common product will be an interactive map of Europe, which show how people say “Happy Easter!”!

Project Journal

  • decorations Easter






    - Posted by Andrea Izabela Botos, 03.07.2017

  • Hello from Sant Miquel's school,

    our fifth grade students made some power points to show the recipe of the Easter Cake. It's a typical cake that we eat during the Easter days.
    Moreover, we have easter eggs and other figures to decorate our cake.

    We hope you like it!

    Best wishes.

    EASTER CAKE 1.ppt

    EASTER CAKE 2.ppt

    EASTER CAKE 3.ppt

    Easter cake 4.ppt

    - Posted by Balbina Falceto, 31.05.2017

  • Exhibition of drawings


    - Posted by Niculina Pintilii, 30.05.2017

  • Exhibition of drawings


    - Posted by Niculina Pintilii, 30.05.2017

  • Exhibition of drawings


    - Posted by Niculina Pintilii, 30.05.2017