International School Day of Non-Violence and Peace

We want to make a Peace Machine. A Peace Machine which transforms our negative ideas or actions (our thoughts about war, violence and discrimination) into positive thoughts which encourage peace, non-violence and global unity. To make this project a success, we wish to exchange parts of this Peace Machine which we are going to build with all the s...

Project Journal

  • Hi, everybody, today we received the piece from Bulgaria, Thanks, Atanaska for the fantastic piece. It is amazing.

    - Posted by Vera Lourenço, 20.02.2017

  • Today we received the piece of Atahacka Tayeba from Bulgaria. Thank you very much, it´s a very cool piece.

    Pieza Nasi.PNG

    - Posted by Katia Guerrero, 16.02.2017

  • 6th grade movie. CEIP Carlos Ruiz. Thanks Maria Eugenia, it's amazing!

    - Posted by Andrés Sigüenza Valle, 06.02.2017

  • If you want to share this project with your families or students, here is a magazine you can use like you want:


    - Posted by Andrés Sigüenza Valle, 04.02.2017

  • Here is the Portuguese summary of our Peace Project....We want to thank the students and the teachers who made possible our European Peace Machine, with wonderful and amazing pieces.

    - Posted by Vera Lourenço, 02.02.2017