• Description about region, town, school and  pupils involved, using video and photos.


    THE FIFTH CLASS C Novi Ligure

    Hello dear friends,

    we attend the fifth class of the Primary school in Novi Ligure. In our classroom there are fourteen girls and seven boys; only four pupils are italian; others are foreign. They are from Albania, Romania, Marocco, Ecuador, Colombia and Moldavia. It is a multi-ethnic class.

    Nineteen live in Novi Ligure and come to school on cars, while two live in the countryside. We have got seven teachers : Cristina teaches Italian and Art; Sabrina teaches English; Pilar teaches Geography; Antonietta teaches Science, P.E., Technology and Music; Barbara teaches Math and History; Claudia teaches Religion and Alessandra teaches subjects alternative. School starts at five past eight and finishes at five past four p.m.; we are at school for eight hours from Monday to Friday. We always wear a black uniform, but we don't like it too!!! In our school building there are twenty classes of the Primary school and three classes of kinder garten school.  Our headmaster is Filippo Pelizza.





    The parks in Piedmont


    Novi Ligure