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                                    ''ENJOY WITH AESOP'S FABLE'' 


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    This Project is for 4-11 years old students and it intends to share some Aesop’s fables with European partners.
    Aesop’s fables are short stories. Their protagonists are mostly animals that talk, think like humans and represent with their behavior vices (bad qualities) and virtues (positive qualities) of men. Children, through these pleasant tales of animals, can learn a set of useful rules to common life, such as: loyalty in friendship, gratitude for the benefits received, the love of work, the importance of sincerity and moderation, acceptance of fate.
    They can also know the habits and customs of other peoples.
    The project will provides the use of different digital tools: padlet, ourboox….
    The main aims of this projects is to get pupils to the collaboration and cooperation with other European partners.


    -Understanding the story told.

    -Locate the narrative structure of the story.

    - Recognize the humanization of the characters-animals.

    -Reflect on their behavior in order to draw recommendations, rules of life.

    - Recognize the characteristics of the setting and language.

    -Identify and understand the moral.

    -Recognize that the fairy tale, although moving in the magical world of the imagination,

    it is an educational tool of great importance.

    -Use with confidence and critical information society technologies for communication.

    - Focus on motivating the use of new technologies and social networks for learning purposes.

    -Draw and select simple information from various sources (books, the Internet, etc.). Send e-mail messages respecting the rules.

    -Access the network with the supervision of the teacher to get information.

    -Take personal initiatives to complete the tasks.

    -To complete the tasks in an accurate and responsible.


    Cooperative learning, problem solving, peer tutoring, brainstorming, tutoring.

    -Circle time in small and big groups- storytelling, creative writing skills.

    •             Students are divided into groups, they get acquainted with Netetiquette and Internet Safety. They make familiar with Twinspace and they can explore its possibilities.

    •             Pupils learn about the aims and objectives of the project and are introduced to ways they can do researches.

    Each school works with two chosen Aesop’fables and on their base students create their stories and paintings. They publish their stories on the project’s website and create a joint product which is an e-book. Students also create quizzes and questions for their new friends and a dramatization of one of Aesop’s fables during a video conference. At the end they write a fable together with partners during videoconference.



    Designing the project logo. Competition for choosing the best logo.

    Writing and painting a story based on The fox and the stork using several tools.

    Dramatize the fable and make a video.


    Writing and painting a story based on The two friends and the dog using several tools.

    Dramatize the fable and make a video.

    Quiz and questions about the two Aesop’s fables.


    Writing a fable together with partners during videoconference.





    Children will activate themselves. They will come in contact with a type of litterature that is the fable and they will

    acquire facolties as production of meanings and texts. To carry out the project students will use the E-book

    “Aesop’s fables” which is created and designed for children by children using several tools…

    During the development of this project students will learn how to write creatively.

    Students will improve their communication skills in a foreign language and their digital competences. They will learn to work in team and be creative.

    Students will take advantages of the knowledge gained from other subjects like Literature, ICT and Art.

    They will learn how to use multimedia tools in order to present pictures or create online games and educational activities.


                                LET'S START WORKING :)