Past Generations, New Innovations.

The priorities of the project are to instill a 'sense of place' in the children with regard to their local community and the local area around the school and to implement this focus on local history through the median of modern technologies.

Project Journal

  • Here is a short book I crated in the app Book Creator that we learned about in Norway. I will update a more detailed account of our trip but I thought this would be nice to share with our children.

    Norway from Jenny Bell on Vimeo.

    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 23.05.2017

  • We have really enjoyed learning about how we all celebrate Easter. Our Easter traditions pad let looks great. Well done to all the children who were involved.
    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 03.05.2017

  • Our Children have had lots of fun today celebrating St. Patrick's Day in school. Please have a look in materials for some photographs, videos and a file written by one of my students about what we have done this week. We hope you enjoy. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. Jenny x


    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 16.03.2017

  • We have just had a very successful trip to Byala Bulgaria. We did a lot in our 5 days. We began our visit by visiting the school and what a welcome we received. We were welcomed by two children who offered us some traditional bread and salt which is a lovely Bulgarian tradition. We all received some handmade martenitsa, a red/white ornament which is worn to welcome the Spring. It was interesting to see all the Art/Craft samples that the children in our partner schools had made over the last number of weeks. The teachers then became the students when some of the children were given the task of teaching us the Bulgarian alphabet and some phrases we could use on our trip. Christian was my very patient teacher and was quite amused by my attempts!! Our second day began with a trip to Byala's local history museum and the guide gave us a great talk about the local areas involvement in the fight for Independence. My personal highlight was when all countries filled the time capsule and our combined effort to bury it. We made a pact to come back in 20 years for a reunion to dig it up. After lunch we met the Mayor and were lucky enough to experience the local celebrations for the national day. A trip to Russe was on the schedule for March 3rd and we were surprised with a tour guide on the bus trip to Russe. She also brought us all around the city pointing out the historical importance to the various buildings. We all enjoyed our visit to the Urban Lifestyle museum and had some fun with the cardboard cutouts of traditional costumes much to the students delight. Veliko Tarnovo ( the old capital of Bulgaria) was our next stop on the trip. We enjoyed the cobbled walk with our guide up to the forteresse of Tsarevets. The View from the top was amazing and the abstract art in the church was something I was not expecting. After lunch we had some time to shop and experience the craft street of the town.That evening we enjoyed a party in the school with the parents, pupils and teachers. The parents and teachers kindly prepared some local dishes for us to try. They were all delicious and much appreciated. The Panorama in Pleven was something that I really enjoyed seeing. The mixture of painting and real artifacts found on the battle sites after the war was over was something else. Overall we had an amazing few days and during our meetings about the project we arranged our next steps for our trip to Norway, finalised our ideas for our dictionary and learned more about using our twinspace. All schools agreed to make contact over the next few weeks and Easter traditions will be our next focus for communication.

    There are too many pictures to post here so they are in a file under materials if you would like to show your children all our adventures in Bulgaria.






    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 08.03.2017

  • At our meeting in the Czech Republic we agreed to make contact with our partner schools and classes to share our Christmas Traditions. Many of us had communicated by email to arrange this and a padlet page was set up so we could all share our pictures and videos. The children all enjoyed learning how to say Merry Christmas in the different languages. They also enjoyed seeing the similarities and the differences in how Christmas is celebrated in each of our countries.





    - Posted by Liam Burke, 25.01.2017