Past Generations, New Innovations.

The priorities of the project are to instill a 'sense of place' in the children with regard to their local community and the local area around the school and to implement this focus on local history through the median of modern technologies.

Project Journal

  • The Dictionary is great!!!. I really like it.
    - Posted by Lorena Roade Suárez, 17.01.2018

  • We in Whitecross have been enjoying some Halloween activities today. Please have a look in the forum section to see what fun we have been up to. If you want to learn about Halloween and its history we have uploaded a presentation in the pages section of the Twinspace. Happy Halloween

    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 27.10.2017

  • In September we were the host in ACoruña, Spain and we started our second year programme.
    It started on 20th and 21st September and 22 teachers from the four countries and 8 students from Chezck Republic and Bulgary arrived after a long trip. Our host families were waiting exciting for them.

    On September 22nd we had an old city guided tour and a Council Reception with the Mayor of the city and afterwards we had a delicious typical galician lunch in “A taberna de Penela”. In the afternoon we visited San Antón Castle and Hércules tower and we had dinner in “Cervecería Estrella Galicia” and we had our typical beer from Galicia.

    The following morning we were at Jesuitinas school. We had a meeting in the school and we were talking about our topic traditions and food and we decided to make a digital book with our traditional recipies. We had a brunch done by spanish teachers and with food from each country.

    On Sunday morning we went on train and we spent the hole day in Santiago de Compostela. We visited the Cathedral and in the afternoon we had a guided tour in Santiago.

    Next day it was Monday. We arrived at the school to visit the school and classes. We had a workshop about Ipads done by and a ICT teacher and some 6th year students and we participated in Academic Inaguration Year 2017/2018 and our Erasmus+ programme was given a special mention and all the kids carried a flag from each country.
    Participants were welcomed and a teacher translated the ceremony for the Erasmus+ teachers
    Good morning everyone
    I would like to welcome you, teachers and students who are part of this Erasmus in the name of all the school community: students, teachers, staff, families and the religious community of Hijas de Jesús. We are so glad you are here with us and we hope you are enjoying this experience.

    Thank you for being with us on this occasion to celebrate the beginning of the school year 2017-18. This year, we have chosen as our school slogan “Make up your mind” and this slogan will be with us all this year. For us “Make up your mind” means find the courage to do things, make decisions, let ourselves get carried away, be at the service of our community and engage with the community and the world we live in.

    We also have a mascot, which is a plane and we will soon discover its name (Sky 50). We think that a flight represents our slogan very well…. we have to make up our mind to get onboard, take off and enjoy the flight even if at some point we have turbulence which is nothing but the difficulties we have to solve everyday to finally arrive at our destination which is none other than our life.

    We encourage you to come aboard with us on this adventure….

    Then it was the turn for the Time Capsule and each country as in Bulgary and Norway put inside typical things to open in 20 years in September 25th 2037.

    In the evening we had a dinner with the families and teachers at school. And the Bulgarian and Galician students show us the traditional dances.

    Next day It was the last day and teachers visited the school and they saw how students work in different clases with Ipads, early stimulation, projects.

    And our next step will be Ireland. We are looking foward to see our Erasmus+ friends again next March!!!.
    and this is is an iMovie, an App to show our meeting in Spain.

    - Posted by Lorena Roade Suárez, 20.10.2017

  • In May we had a fabulous trip to Norway which was the final trip of year 1 of our programme. It was a jam packed programme which we thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from. It began after we checked into the hotel with a trip to Ramberg School. Here we met up with old friends and met some new friends too. We were treated to a tradition Norwegian dinner. Afterwards we had time to prepare our art exhibition that our pupils had been working on since our visit in Bulgaria. The following morning we were up bright and early and excited for the day ahead. It was May 17th and Norway's national holiday. We arrived at the school to walk in the parade with our partners and were amazed to see parents and children all dressed in a wide variety of traditional costumes. We were given a brief explanation of what was planned for the day and were given some advice on the best traditional foods to try. The parade began and what a sight. Every school from Moss was involved and parents, grandparents and locals all lined the streets waving flags and cheering. The parade finished in the park where our Erasmus+ programme was given a special mention and all the countries participating were welcomed. That evening we were all invited to Janne's house for a traditional dinner. We were all made feel very welcome and we enjoyed the music which was provided by Janne's husband. On Thursday morning we went back to Ramberg school and met the pupils. Members of the student council took us around in groups to see all the classrooms. The technology we witnessed was amazing and I personally learned many new apps that I have since used in my classroom. After lunch we all gathered to fill our time capsule which was then secured to the wall by Vice-Principal Sven. We then took an adventurous walk to a local hotel 'Refsnes Gods' where we learned about and see many works by the famous painter Munch. It was a very enjoyable experience and the exhibition of modern art at the end was fascinating. Dinner that night was in Chrystiegarden a gorgeous old building in Moss that has a lot of history attached to it. A singsong was started by Janne's husband as he had gone to the trouble of learning a song from each of our countries for us all to enjoy. On Friday morning we went on a trip to Oslo and had a tour of Vigeland Park. The statues were fascinating and not for the faint hearted!! After lunch in the park we took the bus to the Folk Museum for our tour. We were in for a treat all the building has been dismantled from around Norway and re-erected and put on display for the public to enjoy. As our theme for our visit to Norway was local buildings this was for me the highlight of the trip. We then took a short boat over the the city of Oslo and had some free time to explore the beautiful city. Saturday morning began with our meeting where we discussed many aspects of our project that have been completed and many that are still works in progress. After our meeting we were treated to a guided tour of Moss which culminated in a tour of the Industry Museum.While on the tour we visited the school grandmother for a cup of coffee. He house alone was like a museum. After lunch we reconvened back at the hotel for the local buildings presentations prepared by all partners. Janne's husband once again treated us to some beautiful music. Our final dinner was held in Skarre restaurant which is the oldest building in Moss. We finished off what had been a wonderful trip and said goodbye to our friends who were departing early the next morning.






    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 20.09.2017

  • Here is a short book I crated in the app Book Creator that we learned about in Norway. I will update a more detailed account of our trip but I thought this would be nice to share with our children.

    Norway from Jenny Bell on Vimeo.

    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 23.05.2017