Past Generations, New Innovations.

The priorities of the project are to instill a 'sense of place' in the children with regard to their local community and the local area around the school and to implement this focus on local history through the median of modern technologies.


Project Journal

  • It's time to say goodbye to our Twinspace... It has been a sort of huge virtual classroom for two years where we have shared materials, we have known each other and we have learnt together.
    For some of us, it was the first experience with a "private" website and also teachers had to learn how to manage with it.
    We were six different schools at the very beginning, now we are a Community of people who have shared two years of their life and have learnt to know each other thanks to the work made with children.
    Now it's time to say goodbye but it's also time to think of the results of the project. What did we do during these two years? Did we achieve all the objectives which were at the basis of the project?
    During our last meeeting we talked about evaluation and we can be proud of what we did because the project helped children to:
    - reevaluate the importance of local history and the communities in which they live
    - raise awareness on the importance of preservingtheir local history
    - learn the value of mantaining a "sense of place"
    - go back to the past and learn what life was like in their local communities through the years
    - linkwith older generations in the learning process
    - have more realistic opportunities for real-life communication with children from other countries
    - increase their understanding of cultural similarities and differences in the area of local history
    - improve their social skills through cooperation
    - have opportunities to increase their knowledge of European languages
    - increase ICT skills through international communication and cooperation

    But our project gave also to teachers the possibility to:
    - exchange best classroom practices
    - increase the use of ICT in their normal teaching
    - learn from other experiences

    During the dissemination evening at Villa Caruso in Lastra a Signa we discussed with the Mayor and other Representatives from the Town Hall about the importance of a European project for the Community: it's a way to go beyond our borders and look at 360┬░around us, gain a wider mentality and get an improved understanding of their role in a Europe united by cooperation and mutual understanding.

    A good school project can be a good brick to build a better future in Europe.

    Last, but not least, thanks to
    - the children who worked enthusiatically at the project
    - the teachers who dedicated part of their free time ( often evenings and nights...) to the communication and planning
    -the families who host the children coming from other countries during the meetings and gave their support for the project
    - the coordinators who were always ready to help to solve problems...

    Thanks to Liam Burke who strongly wanted this project and now he's ready to retire. lucky him :-)

    Thanks to everyone and, as we said in our final meeting, this is not a farewell but a goodbye!

    - Posted by Francesca Panzica, 26.06.2018


    Our App is live. Enjoy!!
    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 26.06.2018

  • What a finish to our project in Italy. It began on Tuesday with a walking tour of Lastra a Signa and dinner with our group at a local pizzeria. On Wednesday we visited Santa Maria school and were treated to a day of learning. We were introduced to a new concept of changing our learning environments to help the children lead their own learning. For lunch we ate some local dishes prepared especially for us by the Association of elderly people. After lunch teachers and students visited the straw museum. It was interesting to visit the museum after learning about the straw hats at meeting two in Bulgaria.

    Florence was such a beautiful city to visit on Thursday. We all enjoyed our tour of the Palazzo Davanzati and were amazed by how well preserved it was. The Ponte Vecchio bridge was a popular spot for photographs. Many cups of coffee and scoops of gelato were enjoyed today!

    On Friday we had more workshops in the school. Today they were all class based workshops; unplugged coding, robotics, music therapy and maths. We also filled our final time capsule and look forward to meeting again in 20 years when it is reopened. Lunch was prepared for us by some of the pupils from the middle school. That evening we had a real treat and were given a guided tour of Enrico Caruso's home. We also enjoyed a dinner made of local organic produce. We were joined at this dinner by the Mayoress. After dinner we were treated to some Italian music and learned some medieval dances.

    Saturday we travelled to Florence once again and had a tour of the archaeological museum. The museum was full of interesting artefacts from Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. That evening we took a shuttle into the past and joined the local community at their Medieval Festival. From great food to great music we had a wonderful experience and some of us even spent a few euro buying locally made gifts for home. After a short walk home we all said our goodbyes and look forward to strengthening our link in the years to come.

    - Posted by Jenny Bell, 11.06.2018

  • Great meeting in Ireland from March 14th to 20th, a deep dip into Irish history, culture and traditions.
    We played hurling...or, at least, we tried to play :-)

    Surely children were better than us :-)

    Our journey into Irish traditions went on with a close encounter with farming and breeding: we saw newborn lambs and some of us tried to milk a cow. Very unusual for some of us who live in big cities.

    We also made bread and we were very proud to eat it later at lunch. Great experience, after lunch, when we were taught to play the bodhran and we danced Irish dancing.

    Visiting Croke Park was really stunning because it permitted us to understand the real meaning of the Irish sports. Croke Park is also history as it reminds one of the worst episodes
    of the Irish War of Independence, the Bloody Sunday.

    Saint Patrick's Day was a great festival which showed all the Irish people's love for their country and we took part in the celebrations, sharing the joy and the nice atmosphere of the peole in town.

    Last, but not least, it was very interesting to visit Whitecross School and get in touch with different metodologies. One of the best aspects of this project is the possibility to learn from each other and exchange best practices that permit us to enrich our teaching and give more opportunities to our children.

    Thanks to the Irish friends for the warm welcome and the rich program which made us become Irish for a week :-)




    - Posted by Francesca Panzica, 09.06.2018

  • - Posted by Jenny Bell, 28.05.2018