Green Jobs

This project sustainable development, IT and linguistic skills. The challenge is for students discover as many green jobs as possible during our 24-month period and present ecofriendly industries as attractive fields to be taken seriously by teenagers.

Project Journal

  • - Posted by Ian Kell, 09.11.2017

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    - Posted by Ian Kell, 29.09.2017

  • Have a pleasant trip to Norway everyone! I've uploaded the programme of the mobility, some nice work from the German students about ecofashion and a brochure made by the Spanish students about an amazing ecovillage in Utebo area. Enjoy!
    - Posted by Estelle LENDA POLIE, 10.09.2017

  • Before the meeting in Norway can everyone who is going post a message on the padlet, and a forum will be added so everyone can get to know each other before going
    - Posted by imke muller, 01.09.2017

  • - Posted by Ian Kell, 01.09.2017