Art is connecting people since thousands years. We must know our artists and their style... We want to paint!

Project Journal

  • Dear partners i'd like to share with you some good news:Today we were awarded with National Quality Label for our project.We are so happy!Thank you all for the coorperation and we wish you lots and beautiful eTwinning projects!

    pupil quality label.jpg

    quality label.jpg

    - Posted by NATASA ZOGANA, 18.07.2015

  • Some images from our exhibition at school:

    - Posted by NATASA ZOGANA, 15.06.2015

  • Dear partners,this is our poster for the art exhibition that is going to take place in our school on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th of June:

    exhibition lpt.jpg

    - Posted by NATASA ZOGANA, 03.06.2015

  • End of voting!Thank you for your participation!
    Your favorite logo of the project,according to your votes, is No 6.
    Congratulations to Raul and Antony and to all students for the posted logos!
    - Posted by NATASA ZOGANA, 28.05.2015

  • Dear partners, June 9 and 10 Fani, Eva , i and our students are going to have an art exhibition in our school where other students, teachers and parents can see all the artwork from this project (yours as well).During next days we are going to upload the poster for the exhibition and later some images from it. We're looking forward to it!Bye!
    - Posted by NATASA ZOGANA, 28.05.2015