More Successful Students with ICT

It is known that students can understand and play very complex computer games, but very often can't even make a proper research on the Internet. So, children need to be encouraged to use technology effectively for their lessons and school success because using technology effectively will be an obligation for their future life. Today, every job...


    Project Journal

    • One big international family :)


      - Posted by Anna Łukasik, 28.08.2017

    • Our city


      - Posted by emilia de angelis, 22.03.2017

    • Welcome to Naples
      Marc 13-18


      - Posted by emilia de angelis, 22.03.2017

    • 1st L.T.T.A in Italy 13-17 Marc
      - Posted by emilia de angelis, 18.03.2017

    • Here we are :)


      - Posted by Anna Łukasik, 31.01.2017