Winter is my favourite season of the year.

Winter as my favourite season of the year! What makes you think winter is the most beautifull season of the year. We suggest discussing all the Christmas preparations, including: traditions, decorations,celebrations, winter sports, activities, nativity play, Christmas dishes, spending winter holidays (winter breakes- when we don't go to school...


    Project Journal

    • We are happy to take part in this project!

      - Posted by Tonka Panayotova, 05.02.2017

    • Our greeting for all of you!

      - Posted by Tonka Panayotova, 31.01.2017

    • Hi, dear partners! We are 7-8 old students in the 1st grade from Bulgaria! We are so glad to participate in this project and thank you very much to mehmet büken for invitation.

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      - Posted by Tonka Panayotova, 31.01.2017

    • It's snowing!
      It's the best day for our children! Today it snowed so we had to go outside and made a snowman. Children were fascinated and delighted.






      - Posted by Kamila Kępa, 09.01.2017

    • Every year in our kindergarten older children (4,5,6 years old) show traditoinal nativity play (colled Jasełka). It was also in this year before the christmas break. Nativity play reminds us of Jesus birth. Children are actors. They act in special costumes as the angels, shhepherds and kings.It must also be Joseph and Mary . Jesus represents by a doll. Children say poems about the birth of the Lord and sing polish Christmas carols. Teachers with children invite many guests : parents, grandparenta, sibilings. After the show we eat traditional Christmas dish. There is always a family atmosphere.






      - Posted by Kamila Kępa, 05.01.2017