It is a short- term project, titled” English can help” . The aim of the project is to find the domains of life in which the use of English is necessary and helpful , like: work, free time, entertainment, emergencies, travel and all others you can think of. Students investigate if the knowledge and use of English is needed and necessary and to what...


    Project Journal

    • Collaborative poems

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      - Posted by Muazzez Şanlısoy, 04.06.2017

    • ...just uploaded our presentation about Brugherio...a bit late...
      - Posted by Ada Allegrini, 31.05.2017

    • Yesterday the Italian and Greek students met through Skype at school! It was a beautiful experience !
      Greek students have a lot of breaks at school and we have so few !!! That is very unfair! :D

      - Posted by Ada Allegrini, 25.05.2017

    • So go to the FILES, Favourite Book Folder and have a look at the THREE LITTLE WOLVES and the BIG BAD PIG! Because the wolves are not always bad...

      - Posted by ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΡΕΓΓΟΥΖΑ, 24.05.2017

    • Our book suggestion is the result of discussion in class and group work. The students suggested several mystery, sci-fi, horror stories/books that teenagers prefer but we finally decided to introduce you the most popular and successful Greek storyteller, Evgenios Trivizas, who has also been translated into English. The special thing about Trivizas' stories, apart from limitless imagination, unexpected twists of plot and humorous word games, is that they raise important social issues (racism, prejudice, war) and teach us useful life lessons.
      - Posted by ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΡΕΓΓΟΥΖΑ, 24.05.2017