Advertising is in my life

We would like to create a website about advertising. The aim is to think about advertising : its place in our life, its influence, its power, its place, its cultural aspects... It can be the opportinity to deal with the place of women in the society, stereotype in general, the use of environmental arguments... It remains open to any idea. We thi...

The topics the students will study

Each group will work on a forum.

Padlets are probably useful to selct the videos are share your opinion. The one you did are very useful.

Each topic can be a page in the website.

For one topic, we can :

  •  subtitle some vidéos,

  • Write text and coments

  • Create pools 'Do you like this ad ? Yes or no"

  • create some surveys

  • We can create a quizz about the logos ? Do we know the same one ? 



Team n°...


and Matus from Slovakia, Lukas, Slovakia, Marke from Spain, Kristina, Slovakia, Maria, Spain


Pretending being green- Matthis had previously the topic "Prevention campaign about tabacco" but he didn't like it. We hope it is Ok for you



Patrick from Sloavakia, Josu from Spain, Erika from Slovakia, Irati from Spain, Daniel from Slovakia, Ane from Spain, Davide from Italy,


Chiara from Italy, Nikoleta, Slovakia

Is there any stereotypes in ads. (He recorded a presentation of the team)Résultat de recherche d'images pour


Gabriel, martina, leire, aitzol, luma, nikola, nina, simone

To much advertising in my life ? 6




Juven (Sorry for the mistakes)





Preventing campaign - Domestic violence



Killian, unai, nikoleta, maider, tomas, alessia, carmela, jane, pietro

New forms of ads 4

Lou-Anne, adrian, davide, nicole, davide, danel, alexandra, nerea, francesco

Place for women in the ads


Azia, amaia, laura, ad'ka, lenka, benat, maialen, chiara, valentina

Using emotion in ads

Chiara, Marta, Nikola, Nikolleta, Aitzol, Simone targeting teenagers  
Pauline, Janka, Adam, Anna-Maria, Mickal, Niko Preventing campaign :  car accident 7


we have to present the first page, change the layout... The idea of Europe should appear.

it remains "Preventing campaign about car accidents"

Author: nadine mallejac
Last editor: Paula Šilhárová