What is the project about ?

  • Young Voices in the European Democracies YVED


    The main objective of this Comenius project is to make students understand how democracy works on different levels in society and what has been the Democratic history in our countries. Students will researcher, discover about the history, institutions and democratic process and learn to appreciate differences. To take intercultural competences. Enable them to take an active part in decision-making; to make them realize that they can make differences to the future society and that their opinions are important. The overall goal is to support the development of a generation of young people who feel that they are vital and integrated members of not only their own countries but also of the European Union and the rest of the world.



    To get know the History of the Democratic process in our countries
    To get know the Democratic process in Europe
    To deep in the Democratic values like equality, freedom, solidarity, respect and how they are getting
    To learn about what and how the Democratic Institutions work
    To practice the Dialogue technique a such a way to improve our mutual understanding
    To learn that differences point of views are a way to enrichment us and appreciate them in order to built a better society


    1 - Building and sharing a European identity from democratic institutions through dialogue and respect for differences
    2 - Development of active European citizenship, based on collaboration and problem solving in a creative way and inclusive
    3 - Meeting and improve our language skills, learning basic vocabulary of the languages ​​of our partners, and fundamentally English.
    4 - Knowing the history, traditions and culture of other European countries
    5- Improving our digital skills: ICT, communication
    6 - Practicing teamwork and researching topics.