Thinking like an entrepreneur requires a unique approach to the world and a mind-set to help view the world as limitless in its possibilities for improvement, change and innovation.

    Being enterprising involves being proactive, developmental, creative, making things happen and generating ideas in any and every part of life (from http://groups.etwinning.net/7616/pages/page/35258)

    Teacher 2020

    On the road to entrepreneurial fluency in teacher education

    The European Commission calls for a dramatic change across all forms of education. One of the major challenges in to create entrepreneurial mind-sets among institutions, teachers and students of all ages. Entrepreneurial mentality in education is not primarily about establishing a business, but about creating new learning approaches through which we learn in real-life scenarios – addressing community and societal challenges, bringing about change and working with relevant players from all sectors in local or global networks.

    Teacher2020 has been granted to try out some first steps, to explore what entrepreneurial learning means in different contexts – and to carry out practical experiments with entrepreneurial learning in teacher education and in collaboration with schools from different countries.

    We are reminded by the Commission that entrepreneurial learning happens through entrepreneurial action, and this is why we are not setting out to read a lot of entrepreneurship theory. We will learn through hopefully informed, well-guided and well-directed approaches, allowing us to create solid lessons learned from which we can proceed and contribute to Europe.

    In the beginning of the project we will therefore work to establish a strong mutual understanding of what entrepreneurial learning means and how experiments can be carried out in practice. We expect this mutual understanding to result in a project platform.Thenwe will take the first experimentative steps of smaller entrepreneurial initiatives, involving teacher students, schools and communitycollaborators.We will create local driver teams and link them together at transnational level. The local driver teams will identify interesting subject areas or projects in teacher education and in the schools and link those to real-life challenges.Teams of teacher students and school teachers and kids will work through the different phases of entrepreneurial learning and create useful outcomes from their experience.

    This work phase will end in a sort of time-out in which we will discuss what we learned and what need to be changed.The major project experimentation will be based on and follow those lessons learned, in the form of entrepreneurial learning period generating substantial initiatives at local and transnational levels.The documentation of those activities will lead to the creation of the final outcomes.

    The project will create guidance for teachers, teacher students and schools wishing to go entrepreneurial – guidance that allows them to build their own entrepreneurial capacity, not simply to repeat what we did. Not guidance from WHAT we did, but from HOW we did it.

    We invite you to take part in this project. Welcome aboard!





    The importance of resilience 

    The eTwinning Group ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN EDUCATION has posted a very interesting article and video about the importance of building young students' resilient mind set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvsQBlUAycM&feature=player_embedded