KA2 Project: Information and Educational Materials for Refugees and Immigrants

Europe is nowadays undergoing an important crisis when it comes to migratory flows. People from different countries and cultures are forced to leave their homes searching for a better and safer place to live. We must be ready to welcome these people and share the world.

Project Journal

  • Second Transnational Meeting in Brescia

    In this meeting, project participants have learnt about the methods used by the Italian and Spanish partners in the creation of their information and educational materials. It has also been a wonderful opprtunity to meet the CPIA 1 students and know a little more about them.
    After the working sessions there has been time to visit important sites in Brescia and to enjoy Italian culture and food. Our hosts have made a wonderful job and a great effort to make us feel at home. Thank you very much! We'll never forget this!

    With CPIA1 students

    Project Team at CPIA1 Brescia

    Welcome poster made by students

    - Posted by Almudena Soriano Covarsí, 10.05.2017

  • First Transnational Meeting: Vilnius ( Lithuania) 20-24 March 2017

    Project partners gathered in Vilnius in March, where they participated in the First Transnational Training Event during which they could learn about Vilnius Adult Education School and their working methods. Participants carried out a wide variety of activities such as presentations on the host institution and methods, job-shadowing, meetings with students (national and immigrant), meetings with collaborating institutions, workshops on language learning methods and materials, debate and discussion about future activities, evaluation, etc.
    Apart from all that, partners also spent time together during cultural and leisure activities, which contributed to the creation of team bonds and good working atmosphere.

    Participants with their certificates.JPG

    Visit to Vilnius Prision.jpg

    Workshop on Language Teaching Methods III.JPG

    Students Presentations.JPG

    First Transnational Training Event (Vilna) Programme.pdf

    - Posted by Almudena Soriano Covarsí, 27.04.2017

  • First Transnational Meeting: Badajoz ( Spain) 2-4 November 2016

    During the first transnational project meeting, coordinators had the opportunity to discuss and reach agreements about all the key matters of the project. They dealt with issues such as partners tasks, activities, evaluation of the process and results, budget management, dissemination, etc. They could also get to know each other and learn more about their institutions, and, of course, discover Spanish culture and gastronomy.

    Coordinators with School Principal and Mai Saki, Spanish photographer.

    FIRST MEETING Walking tour

    FIRST MEETING End of working session

    FIRST MEETING Working session ( Dissemination plan)

    FIRST MEETING Dinner in Plaza Alta.JPG

    - Posted by Almudena Soriano Covarsí, 27.04.2017