Our last project in 2016 showed that fairy-tales are loved not only by little ones but also by adults as well. "Infected" by the virus of reading and illustration we continue our trip through the mysterious world of fairy-tales, hoping to expand the geographic list of fairy-tales and introduce children with the heroes from the unknown tal...

Project Journal

  • Well, dear friends! My pupils are finishing the school year and summer camp by presenting you our e-book "Second trip to fairy-tale"

    Thank you all who participated in this amazing trip! I hope that our common set of fairy-tales and various activities will be used not only by you, but also by your colleagues, friends and other eTwinning participants from different projects. Once again thank you all for your sincere cooperation. I wish you to spend your summer holidays as fun and creative as our trip through the world of fairy-tales was!

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    - Posted by Sigita Koroliove, 16.06.2017

  • Big thanks to our partners from Lithuania and Ukraine for sending us these incredible bookmarks. We are very glad to participate in this interesting project. Looking forward to our future collaboration. Best regards from Armenia.



    - Posted by Sona Manukyan, 13.06.2017

  • Children liked The Cat and the Cock - Dolishniy Shepit, Ukraine. Illustrations of this fairy tale were made dearly.
    - Posted by Cecilia Morohai, 06.06.2017

  • Being at the summer camp, children read and illustrate fairy tales






    - Posted by Cecilia Morohai, 06.06.2017

  • We also did an activity using

    - Posted by Marianna Klymchuk, 04.06.2017