What's APPening around our Europe

The main objectives of the project is ICT focused with the acquisition of digital competences for staff and pupils through learning how to use 6 "content free" iPad App's whilst investigating and learning about the culture, language , community and schools of our partners.It is essential that pupils learn about their European neigh...

NUMBERS Activities

The analysis of data and information that is available in our world can tell us so much about a location. Our Czech partners, who have a strength in numeracy, presented how to use the "Numbers" App. We will use this App to analyse and present our findings of a wide range of data associated with our schools and community. The results in the form of bar charts, graphs, pie charts etc will provide wonderful opportunities for our children to compare and contrast our differences and similiarities across a wide range of variables. 


Here activities we did and we will do with our students...



Author: Loredana Messineo
Last editor: Michael Madine