Working together

The way our students work together in a collaborative way... using technology to do it.


Project Journal

  • During the last two weeks, students and teachers were very busy with learning and checking tests. However, the students managed it to write short texts explaining different places at their school and taking short videos of these places. So the first step of our next activity is done. :-)
    - Posted by Miriam Schwarz, 20.01.2017

  • Happy New Year

    Image 2.jpg

    - Posted by José Luis Castaño Pérez, 26.12.2016

  • Today we were playing Monster Quiz all together.
    It was really funny. There were 4 groups in the game and each group was integrated by students from the three countries... they had to play together. :-)
    At the same time, the students from Italy had the opportunity to join the project, now we are three countries and lots of students.


    - Posted by José Luis Castaño Pérez, 21.12.2016

  • 1st-19th December:
    Students from Spain, Italy and Germany made a presentation about Christmas traditions of their country. These presentations were shared and students from the other countries learned how Christmas is celebrated in the partner countries. Now they can hardly wait to have their next video conference. They can show what they have learned about other Christmas traditions in a "monster quiz".
    - Posted by Miriam Schwarz, 20.12.2016

  • And here is the result of this wonderful first experience.



    - Posted by José Luis Castaño Pérez, 29.11.2016