Evaluation/Comparison body Mass Index

The objective of this project is centered in the evaluation of the physical fitness in particular the Body Mass Index. We intend to study / compare BMI results among children and youngsters from 12 to 16 years of age. The BMI will be focused on the individual measurement of weight and height. O Objetivo deste projeto está centrado na avaliação da ...


    Project Journal

      In this study, two classes of students participated: one from Portugal was composed of 17 students, 8 boys and 9 girls with a mean age of 12.4 years, and a class from Greece with 16 students, 5 boys and 11 girls with average Ages 13.5 years. It was intended to study / compare BMI through the variables weight and height. Thus, the results showed that 11 Greek students are in the healthy BMI area defined by the WHO, for a smaller number of Portuguese students, only 7. In general we find that Portuguese students present inferior results compared to Greek students, That 4 Portuguese students present BMI values in the Overweight zone and 3 in the Lightness zone. We conclude that Portuguese students need to work harder on Physical Fitness and significantly improve healthy eating habits.
      - Posted by Carla Cadete, 27.12.2016

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    • Evaluation of this Project...

      I believe that this project has been very satisfactory and positive, and the objectives previously defined have been successfully completed. Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile the availability of all the actors, but with will, interest and preserverança everything is achieved.
      Thank you all for your attention, interest, motivation and availability that led to the successful completion of this project.

      Thank you very much very much, my heart.
      Soon, I intend to launch a larger project with the purpose of studying more closely the Physical Fitness of the students of the schools that wish to participate.
      Good year 2017 for all of you.
      - Posted by Carla Cadete, 26.12.2016