IMAGINE ... Together for the world!

Let’s imagine that a King from a faraway castle has to decide whether to give permission to a hundred people in need to get in his castle or not. Itala and Greeco are appointed as King’s counselors and with the help of 10-year-old Italian and Greek students complete a number of tasks in order to form an opinion on the issue and advise the King what...

Project Journal

  • This project is permanent actuality....I am so unhappy because of the difficult political situation in Italy that endangers refugees. I hope the new generation will do better than us.
    - Posted by Emanuela Boffa Ballaran, 26.08.2018


    eco di biella.PNG

    - Posted by Emanuela Boffa Ballaran, 05.05.2018

  • article about us

    la stamoa.PNG

    - Posted by Emanuela Boffa Ballaran, 02.05.2018

  • Our school certificate! So proud of our project!

    school certificate.jpg

    - Posted by Paschalina (Lina) Tetradi, 01.05.2018

  • Wonderful news: our project won the European Prizes 2018! Now it os time to organize the so happy!


    - Posted by Emanuela Boffa Ballaran, 11.03.2018