Green Skills for Social Agriculture

The project develops skills and competences targeting students from primary school to upper secondary. We address the presence of a growing number of disadvantaged, unmotivated pupils, with learning difficulties with low basic skills compromising further studies, participation in social and democratic life and the enjoyment of right to citizenship

Project Journal

  • This book includes all the activities realized by the students and teachers of 26th Primary School of Kallithea in the framework of the Erasmus+ project Green Skills for Social Agriculture, the 2nd school year of its duration 2017-18.

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  • This is Analysis of competencies certification, obtained during the implementation of the project “Green skills for social agriculture”


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  • Mastic Flavored Radiowaves - English Version

    The students of the 6th grade of the 26th Primary School Kallithea prepared a radio show where they reveal all the secrets about the cultivation and the products of Chios Mastic Tree, they remember their experiences from their visit to Chios Island and Seville, Spain. The broadcast took place on the occasion of the school’s participation: in the Erasmus+ project “Green Skills for Social Agriculture», in the thematic network of the Centre of Environmental Education of Omiroupolis Chios, “When nature creates culture” and within the framework of the educational program “Radio Pages – The National Library on the Radio waves of the European School Radio”. Then the script of this show was translated in English by Mrs. Papageorgiou Margarita and the 5th & 6th grade European Radio Team of our school prepared a second radio show in English so as all our Erasmus+ partner countries can listen to it and enjoy it! Students have added their experience from their visit to Sandanski and the recordings have taken place at school! The show was broadcasted on the European School Radio platform on the 7/6/2018 and it is archived here:
    5th & 6th-grade students of the 26th Primary School of Kallithea Teachers: Petrou Nana, Kalatzi Katerina, Papageorgiou Margarita
    Journalist: Anastasia Ioannidou
    Editing: Vasileia Dilaveri

    Click the orange play button to hear the radio show here via Soundcloud:

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  • Chios Mastic: Interviews about its cultural, economic and therapeutic importance

    A radio show (in Greek) dedicated to Chios Mastic tree and the activities of our school to promote it and to get the public acquainted with it. It is part of the Cultural and Environmental projects implemented by our school as well as the Erasmus+ project “Green Skills for Social Agriculture”. The show includes a telephone interview with Mr. Spyrakis Responsible of the Center for Environmental Education of Homeroupolis Chios and the students of the E class, and for a live interview with Mrs. Amygdalou Sales Manager of Mastiha Shop by the pupils of the 5th and 6th grade of our school. Learn how Chios Mastic is important for culture, economics, and your health!
    The show was broadcasted via the European School Radio platform ( on the 4/6/208 and it was then archived as a podcast here:
    E Class Radio teams: The Crazy gang of E1 class, and the Stereo 26 of E2 class, Students of the 6th Grade
    Responsible teachers: Marinou P., Diamandakis V., Petrou A., Kalatzi K., Dilaveri V.
    Erasmus+ coordinator: Papageorgiou M.
    Composer of the E1 song: Theodosiou K.
    Responsible for CEE of Homeroupolis Chios: Spyrakis Stavros
    Sales Manager of Mastiha Shop: Amygdalou Popi
    Special thanks to Mrs. Pelandi Argyro who helped us get in touch with Mastiha Shop
    Click the orange play button to hear the radio show here via Soundcloud:

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  • A presentation about the trees of our ERASMUS+ project, Apple Tree, Orange Tree, Olive Tree, Mastic Tree and Vineyard, made in the school year 2016-17 by our 2nd-grade students and their teacher Manesi Dora (26th Primary School of Kallithea, Greece). Press the right and left arrow to go through the slides:

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