Green Skills for Social Agriculture

The project develops skills and competences targeting students from primary school to upper secondary. We address the presence of a growing number of disadvantaged, unmotivated pupils, with learning difficulties with low basic skills compromising further studies, participation in social and democratic life and the enjoyment of right to citizenship

Project Journal


    - Posted by Dina Kirilova, 27.09.2017

  • This presentation is sounded lesson related to food labels. Our students were studying how many people read the label before buying the foods.
    I will show this in Romania :)

    - Posted by Dina Kirilova, 26.08.2017

  • - Posted by Dina Kirilova, 17.08.2017

  • - Posted by Dina Kirilova, 17.08.2017

  • Naranjas del Guadalquivir, one of our stakeholders, writes in their blog about their collaboration with Severo Ochoa school in their production fields. Thay explain that they will always support any initiative which helps the dissemination and promotion of consuming healthy, organic food. You can access their blog entry at :

    You can select the language to read on the right side of the blog.

    - Posted by JOSÉ MANUEL LÓPEZ JIMÉNEZ, 05.06.2017