Publishing House of Arts

Having a longer than twenty-year old of acknowledged history of promoting European values, international students' newspaper DEFRIT launches a new and innovative programme - a creative workspace - Publishing House of Arts to meet the needs of the gifted students using a sequence of elaborated local, learning activities and long-term study mobilities involving different arts connected with publishing: design/visual arts, photo-journalism/social photography, public speaking art, social advertising/drama/cinema and audio record publishing/music. The designed activities form five mini-cycles consisting of a preparation stage - a local activity leading to joint international team work during mobility learning activities and followed by publication of all produced products. This multidimensional project aims at developing the gifted students' transversal skills by promoting innovative practices, fostering inclusion and encouraging active participation in society as well as enhancing teachers' professional development.The partners carefully selected two topics to deal with during activities: social exclusion and active citizenship and European values. The partnership consists of three long-termed partners seeking for attainment of education provision and two new partners willing to enrich their practices and contribute to the project. All partners share the same strategic priorities in their development plans and pursue the same educational goals. The partnership will produce two kinds of results during the projects and its completion: tangible and intangible. The tangible products will involve a number of published products: European newspaper DEFRIT after each mobility learning activity as well as promotional campaign products like flyers, posters, leaflets, then picture story on social exclusion, a CD with various examples of public speaking, social advertisement about a student-friendly school without exclusion and a CD with students' created songs (lyrics and music) using computer music technologies. As for the intangible results, the students will become aware of concepts of social exclusion, active citizenship, social responsibility, European values. They will learn to form their position and express it in a civilized though active way through the artistic means related to one of the most powerful media - newspaper. The format of the newspaper is intended to promote and encourage multilingualism: articles will be written using students' native languages with an exhaustive summary in English at the end. The project is expected to bring positive and long lasting effects on partnership schools, participants, target groups as well as other persons directly or indirectly involved in the project. The schools will develop innovative approaches to address their target groups, enhance their capacity , reinforce their cooperation with foreign partners and relevant local/regional/national organizations. The project is innovative in several ways as it is self-promotional, self-reflective and by nature intended to be disseminated: there will be organized project promotion campaign with simulated press-conference, social advertising campaign, newspaper and published products are meant to be distributed as widely as possible. All in all, on the one hand the project boasts of a long, record-track history and rich experience and on the other hand, it offers a new, sophisticated and innovative creative space for the students to discover and implement their creative powers - Publishing House of Arts.

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