Flight and migration - problem or chance? Erasmusproject 2016 - 2019

Die SchülerInnen des Projekts erarbeiten und vergleichen die Migrationsgeschichte und -Situation ihrer Heimatstädte. Die Ergebnisse werden analytisch und kreativ erarbeitet und verarbeitet. The students will describe and compare their hometowns particulary with regard to the migration in Polen, the Netherlands, Turkey and Hermann. They will use...

Project Journal

  • Link survey (for students, workshop in Nordhorn Oct 2018)


    - Posted by Anne Wessel, 19.10.2018

  • Friday the 22nd June - the last day of the international Workshops. It is also the last school day for Polish students so the day is going to be really busy. First, we take part in the Workshop on editing ? and then all the students need to type in the data they had collected in their hometowns. Polish students shall work on the data to prepare a presentation and statistic graphs to illustrate the process of migration in three different towns - Ismir, Nordhorn and Malbork. The day is going to end with a Barbecue Party in Groblanka Restaurant and exchanging small souvenirs.
    - Posted by Joanna Jasinska, 18.10.2018

  • Thursday the 21st June - very early morning, breakfast and jogging to the railway station. The plan for today is very interesting. First we have integration classes at the University SWPS in Sopot. And then we are going to have lectures on statistics. I think everybody enjoyed the stay at the University.
    Now that we learned how statistics works it is time to move forward to Gdansk and do sightseeing in The Second World War Museum. Two hours to learn about the horrors of war is a lot for such young people.
    - Posted by Joanna Jasinska, 18.10.2018

  • Wednesday the 20th June - All the students and their teachers have a great opportunity to do sightseeing in the Malbork Castle. We take pride in the Monument - a world-known medieval Castle.
    - Posted by Joanna Jasinska, 16.10.2018

  • Tuesday the 19th June´- a very busy day of the Workshops. First all the studenst take part in the lecture by Mr Bogdan Mader a local tour guide. He gives a speech on complicated history of the area - from the very begining - the pagan times. Unfortunately the class is in Polish so we need an Interpreter into English - Mr Dariusz Jasinski. After lunch we go the Malbork Castle to entertain a little and practise historical martial arts - archery. It is time to meet more Polish students!
    After the historical games all the Group goes back to school to meet Mr Mader to have a guided tour around the town and find all the traces of the complicated Malbork history. We end up in the Museum of Malbork Town. All the students learn about the history of Malbork in the twentieth century.
    - Posted by Joanna Jasinska, 16.10.2018