This project aims to involve teacher and students of four European schools, in a common project to address the specific necessities our schools have in order to enhance creativity, innovation, competences achievement, high performance and low performance students┬┤ motivation, commitment to reduce early school leaving and strategies to tackle disad...

Project Journal

  • Visit our new website
    - Posted by DAVID BARQUILLA, 27.03.2017

  • We have our logo!!! See it in our images folder or at the left corner
    - Posted by DAVID BARQUILLA, 24.02.2017

  • Hello! My name is Ties, and I'm participating in the exchange project of Erasmus this year. I'm 14 years old and I live in Lelystad (Holland). RSG slingerbos in Harderwijk is my high school, which takes me approximately 30 min by bus from my village. At the 14th of september I arrived in Spain and in one week I'm leaving to the NL's. I had a great experience, and would definitely take a similar chance in future. The added link refers to my blog in which I every 2 weeks post something about how I'm doing and how I experience this project.

    - Posted by Ties Willebrandts, 02.12.2016

  • Hi, we are starting our project.... we are going towards UTOPIA, so in this site you'll see the experiences, pictures and even jobs our students are doing.
    - Posted by DAVID BARQUILLA, 25.11.2016